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Golf Course Insurance Provided By Our Agency

Insurance for golf courses guards against monetary losses caused by liability lawsuits, property damage, and other hazards associated with managing a golf course.

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General Liability
Professional Liability
Worker’s Compensation
Pollution Liability

General liability coverage

Risk Factors

A patron of your golf course gets hit in the eye by an errant golf ball and sustains severe injuries.


General liability insurance would cover the medical expenses related to this bodily injury and any legal fees if the customer decides to take legal action against your business.

Commercial property insurance coverage

Risk Factors

Lightning strikes a tree on your golf course, starting a fire that spreads to your clubhouse. The building is severely damaged, and much of your furniture and equipment are destroyed.


Commercial property insurance would cover repairing and replacing damaged business property.

Professional liability coverage

Risk Factors

One of your golf instructors fails to correct a client on his swing posture. As a result, the client strains his previously injured shoulder and requires medical attention. He ends up filing a lawsuit against your business for negligence.


Your professional liability insurance would cover the legal expenses associated with this incident.

Worker’s compensation coverage

Risk Factors

One of your golf instructors develops a shoulder injury due to overuse, which requires surgery and physical therapy.


Workers’ compensation insurance will cover these medical costs as well as a portion of their lost income if they are unable to work during physical therapy.

Pollution liability insurance coverage

Risk Factors

Neighboring residents who own homes bordering your golf course have complained of itchy eyes, respiratory discomfort, and rashes. They claim it's a result of the pesticides you've used on your golf course, and they sue your business.


Pollution liability insurance would cover the lawsuit and damages.

What is Golf Course Insurance?

Golf course insurance is a specific type of business insurance created to address the particular requirements of golf courses. It provides all-encompassing security by combining different kinds of coverage.

Key Coverages Included in Golf Course Insurance

General Liability: Covers legal expenses in the event of a lawsuit.

Liquor Liability: Protects against legal expenses related to serving alcohol, such as drunk driving cases.

Directors and Officers (D&O) Insurance: Shields board members and executives from legal actions resulting from their decisions on behalf of the organization.

Commercial Property: Safeguards structures and belongings, including furniture, from natural disasters and other damages.

Flood Insurance: Covers flood damage not included in standard commercial property insurance.

Commercial Auto Insurance: Covers vehicles like service trucks or courtesy cars in the event of accidents.

Inland Marine Insurance: Protects movable machinery such as lawn tractors or golf carts and unique course features like trees not covered by commercial property insurance.

Workers' Compensation: Covers employee expenses if they are injured on the job.

As your needs evolve, it's wise to adjust your coverage, which an independent insurance agent from Marlow Campbell Insurance Group can assist with. Larger golf courses, particularly those hosting special events like weddings or tournaments, may require additional coverage.

Examples of Golf Course Insurance in Action

Purchasing extensive insurance for your golf course might seem costly and time-consuming, especially for smaller courses. However, Marlow Campbell Insurance Group is here to streamline the process and help you avoid potential pitfalls. Golf courses face unique commercial challenges; golf course insurance helps manage or prevent these risks.

Liability insurance covers attorney costs if you are sued, protecting your golf course from hefty legal settlements.

Worker Injuries
Workers' compensation can cover everything from minor injuries like sprained ankles to severe burns, sparing you from expensive medical bills and lost wages.

Natural Disasters
Insurance covers damages to your buildings, equipment, vehicles, or greens caused by wildfires, hailstorms, and other natural disasters.

Theft & Vandalism
Insurance protects your course from theft, vandalism, and even rioting, much like it does with natural disasters.

Special Events

To host weddings, competitions, or fundraisers, insurance is essential. Liability insurance protects against lawsuits from unfortunate incidents, while commercial property insurance enables prompt emergency repairs.

In summary, while the time and cost of premiums may seem like barriers, they are minor compared to your golf course's long-term security and viability. 

Contact Marlow Campbell Insurance Group today to learn more about the comprehensive golf course insurance options available in North Carolina.

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If you cancel a previous policy before a new policy is effective, you could run into some serious financial problems.

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