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Marlow Campbell Insurance Group/ life and health

Life and Health Provided By Our Agency

Life and Health Insurance are important financial tools to have in place for the future. They provide a safety net for you and your loved ones during an unexpected situation. However, you must also remember that both Life and Health Insurance are distinct elements of your portfolio covering different types of risks.
Marlow Campbell Insurance Group/ annuities


They’re long-term contracts from an insurance company where you invest your money. In return for your investment, you get income in the form of regular payments.

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Marlow Campbell Insurance Group/ individual health insurance

Individual Health Insurance

It is another way to get coverage if you’re not eligible for an employer-sponsored plan.
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Marlow Campbell Insurance Group/ individual life insurance

Individual Life Insurance

Life insurance policies help provide security to either you or your beneficiaries after you pass away or after a designated period of time.

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Marlow Campbell Insurance Group/ long term care insurance

Long Term Care Insurance

It might be hard to imagine now, but chances are you’ll need some help taking care of yourself later in life.

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Marlow Campbell Insurance Group/ international business insurance

Final Expense Insurance

A final expense policy can offer peace of mind and ease the financial burden on your family while they’re grieving.
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Marlow Campbell Insurance Group/ dental insurance

Individual Dental Insurance

Individual Dental Insurance is available to individuals and families that are not covered on group dental insurance.
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Marlow Campbell Insurance Group/ individual short term disability insurance

Individual Disability Insurance

The term disability income (DI) insurance refers to an insurance policy that provides income to individuals who can no longer work because of a disability.
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Marlow Campbell Insurance Group/ mortgage protection insurance

Mortgage Protection Insurance

Mortgage protection insurance is a specialized life insurance policy designed to pay off that debt in the event of your death.
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Marlow Campbell Insurance Group/ child life insurance

Child Life Insurance

You do everything you can to protect your kids and their future — including their financial well-being. That’s why life insurance, even at a young age, is so important.

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Marlow Campbell Insurance Group/ medicare supplement insurance

Medicare Supplement Insurance

You can get supplemental coverage if you have trouble paying for out-of-pocket Medicare expenses.
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Marlow Campbell Insurance Group/ high net worth insurance

High Net-Worth Insurance

High Net-Worth insurance comprises several products requiring greater levels and types of cover due to an increased value.

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Marlow Campbell Insurance Group/ individual retirement accounts

Individual Retirement Accounts

Why consider an IRA? Even if you have other retirement options through work, like a pension or 401(k).
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